Turn Right, Now

GPS is a beautiful thing, aside from the fact the government now knows exactly where you are even when you’re not using the GPS app. The software maps your location and gives you directions. I love how the voice almost sounds snarky when you don’t follow the directions. I imagine in some future the AI that overthrows mankind will glare at me angrily and say “Turn right, now.”

That being said, sometimes you have to change directions. Sometimes the things you have planned don’t work out. Maybe there is road construction or heavy traffic. The GPS understands that, sometimes. It will RECALCULATE while you are avoiding traffic like a mad hatter avoids birthdays. Your new route is presented and you either turn right, now or you veer straight and cause the GPS to growl and recalculate again.

I imagine in some future the AI that overthrows mankind will glare at me angrily and say “Turn right, now.”

I have taken a directional change that the GPS of my writing career was unprepared for. I found the roots of my childhood and I found God again. This post isn’t about my faith, not entirely anyway. Anything I talk about these days will have some tie to my faith, it is a part of me. I’ll expound more on my faith and such topics on my other blog: 1 Samuel 17 – In the Giant’s Shadow.

God, church, and religion aside, I am taking a new direction with my writing. As such, I have unpublished most of my previous works. Namely the first two novels I published, and the short stories I published last year. I have left the Anthology up for now.

Why? One might ask. Well, for starters I felt a moral guiding to do so. Call it what you will, but my previous works did not live up to who I want to be remembered as. That isn’t to say I will deny writing them, or having profited from them, they are as much a part of my journey as anything else leading me to this point. However, I think – for me at least – it is a purposeful shift towards a new ideal.

That isn’t to say I will deny writing them, or having profited from them, they are as much a part of my journey as anything else leading me to this point.

So, what will I be writing then?

Well, I am still going to write science fiction and fantasy, what I have written on this blog has – for the most part – remained unchanged. I still find a particular joy in looking to the future and an outlet by writing fantasy. I still plan to update this blog and connect with other writers/readers here.

My major change in direction leads to the same destination, furthering a career in writing. However, I am on a different path to that destination. The path itself, is something of a niche market as there is not much Christian Science Fiction to be had. For one reason or another most people believe Christian and Science Fiction are opposing axioms.

Christian Fantasy is much more widespread. All this being established, my Science Fiction setting REACH is getting a bit of an overhaul. It will still be the vast cosmos and humanity playing a role in an overbearing corporatocracy, but I have added a few elements. Read below for the new premise of REACH:

For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. […] At that time many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved. — Matthew 24:7 & 10 NASB.

The year is 2371. Humanity has expanded beyond our home in the Solar System, settling the galaxy. Following two devastating world wars on Earth, more than two-hundred-fifty years ago, the corporations banded together and formed a conglomerate. The Corporatocracy, an organization free from religion. The corporations remained independent factions, but as a part of the same whole.

The corporations enacted many harsh laws regarding the practice of religious beliefs – blaming the wars on zealots of all faiths. The nations were dissolved and religious persecution ran rampant that could only be compared to those days of the early church.

The Internal Corporate Authority, a governing agency enacted to keep the corporations in check, fashioned the laws deeming ALL religions illegal across the galaxy, not just within the corporate ranks.

Knowledge of all religious texts diminished and, over time, vanished. Believers hid or fled to exile. Those that did not, were put to the death by the ICA. Born out of a task-force to hunt religious sects, the Solar Governing Corps grew to become the militant arm of the ICA.

That is, until, the corporations banded together again to take the ICA and SGC under their umbrella, making them all a part of a true corporatocracy. The Corporatocracy offered corporate idealism in place of religious freedoms, creating a new kind of theology.

This is REACH. A universe ruled by a corrupt corporatocracy and one lacking true theological belief, until now.

I plan to write as directly as I always have, primarily shifting the focus from one of simple adventures to narratives with a meaning and purpose.

Feel free to share your thoughts regarding this change. I look forward to engaging in conversation. Until next time folks.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,

DJ Morand