2017 Goals

So, I know other people talking about goals and such can sometimes be a drag, so I’ll try not to make this overly long. Setting goals helps me to plan to work on what I need to finish. More than that, sharing said goals ensures that I actually work on them. Why? Because now I have made myself accountable to you, dear reader. Sorry for the responsibility and stress, but you can handle it right?

Okay, so without further ado, here are my goals for 2017:

• Write the first Science Fiction novel in the REACH universe setting.
• Finish the first draft of the REACH setting and resource document (REACH SRD).
• Create new short stories based in the REACH universe.
• Create a REACH wiki-page.
• Read 50 books (3 finished already)
• Take more pictures with my mommy, because we took almost none last year!

So to elaborate on some of these:

• I have already started the first REACH novel, which is tentatively called REACH. Synopsis below:

The year is 2371, humanity has become a space-faring species reaching out into over sixty different star systems. Ruled by a conglomerate of mega-corporations, humanity has become an invaluable resource. Few are willing to challenge the so-called corporatocracy, even fewer survive crossing the corporations.

Captain Raels Ballard commands the star-ship RL Teneo. As a privateer for Rasa Laboratories, Raels has a storied past and a penchant for getting the job done. He, and his crew, are tasked with the extraction of a prisoner from Pelion Penal Station in the Olympus system. When the extraction goes wrong and the prisoner dies, the captain finds himself in a precarious position. Torn between choosing to do what he knows is right and being a good corporate man, Raels must make a decision that could alter the fate of the only government he has ever known and put himself in grave danger.

• So, I am sure I have talked at least briefly about the Science Fiction setting I’ve been putting together, I think I even mentioned REACH. Originally, it was an Alien meets Star Trek/Battlestar Galatica mashup, but it has evolved into a more Space Opera setting with a Corporatocracy control, meaning that the government is the Corporations without any kind of regulating authority.

I thought this would make for a really interesting Table-top Role-playing game, so I am creating a set of rules for how to play in this universe. This rule-set will be the REACH SRD once I finish. However, I do not think it will be published this year as much as possibly having the first draft done.

• I wrote 10 short stories last year in my Legends of Vandor setting, as I have mentioned that setting is a vent for my frustrations so I may not write as many this year. However, to supplement that, I plan to write some stand-alone short stories for the REACH setting.

• In conjuncture with the REACH SRD, I am looking at creating a Wiki-page to navigate and understand the SRD as well as expand on the setting even more.

• Obviously, this one is less related to writing. This is my annual Goodreads challenge. I set the goal of 50 books, because I smashed my 25 book challenge last year in the span of 3 months. So, if I smash it again this year I might just increase the challenge a bit. So far, this year, I have read the Necrospace series of books by Sean-Michael Argo.

• This one is more personal than reading or writing, but My Mommy and I both agreed that we needed to take more pictures this year, so on New Years Day at 12:01 am, we took a whole slew of new selfies. When I see her again in February I am sure we’ll take some more.

So those are my goals this year. I realize there aren’t many, but I think that’s the point. Attainable goals is the idea. Setting the bar too high causes stress and that’s not the point of goals. Until next time folks.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,

DJ Morand

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