A Letter to Calexit/Califrexit Supporters

Dear Calexit/Califrexit Supporters,

This is a letter to you, from a former Californian. If you want to secede from the Union, more power to you. However, I think you should think about the issues involved with making such a decision. I’ll bullet point them below, then I’ll break each of them down:

• A secession has to be approved by the Union (USA)
• You will have to establish your own currency
• You will have to establish your own relationship with the Federal Reserve
• You will have to establish your own military
• You will have to establish your own national defense
• You will have to establish your own coast guard
• You will have to establish your own air force
• Big Business will likely leave to be a part of the Trump America
• You will need to have a passport to enter the USA
• You will have to pass customs to enter the USA
• I am sure some of you have families in other states
• You will have to establish your own energy infrastructure or negotiate to still obtain energy from non-California sources
• You will have to establish your own embassies in the 193 other countries
• You will have to establish your own trade deals with the other 193 countries
• You will lose federal funding and will have to establish your own

Those are just the problems that come to mind immediately. So let’s break it down.

• Approval by the Union means a majority vote to put in an amendment to the United States Constitution allowing California to secede. To get an amendment into the Constitution it requires a majority vote from both congress and the senate. If the vote is not passed, the secession is not legal. The last time there was an illegal secession we called it the Civil War.
• Establishing a national currency requires a national reserve of some sort, sure you can use American Dollars, but you would first have to establish the currency exchange from the American Dollar to the Californian Dollar. Seeing as you have three major exports Milk, Almonds, and Avocados that’s going to prove to be difficult to give a proper valuation to a Californian Dollar that is approximate to the currency of other countries. Look to Mexico for what happens when the national currency valuation is lacking.
• Establishing a relationship with the Federal Reserve might seem like an easy task, but how often have you dealt with a bank to get a loan? Banks work off of risk, California as a new nation would carry a good deal of risk. No military, no established allies, etc. Remember that the Federal Reserve is not a national bank, it is a bank independent of the United States and holds loans globally, it is a part of a world bank as it were.
• The United States will pull all of their troops out of California, along with the resources that support them. Military bases will become ghost towns. The communities supported by those military bases will quickly lose revenue and business.
• The national guard will leave, because guess what? They’re the United States National Guard, not the National Guard of California.
• See above, the United States Coast Guard will relocate up the coast, to Florida, the East Coast, and the Gulf, but they will not remain in California.
• Remember what I said about the military? Guess what the Air Force is the military, all the military airplanes, helicopters, and personnel would be withdrawn from California. At this point you have no defense against the world, and if you think that China, Russia, or any other country keen on invading wouldn’t do so, just so they had a foothold in Northern America, you’re dead wrong.
• Now, even if you survive all of the above, you’re still going to lose Big Business, Restaurant Chains, National Banks, Construction, Movie Producers, etc. You name it, you will lose it, not all of it, but a good chunk will pull up roots because they either have obligations or incentives to remain with the United States. The USA has itself a big reputation and that holds sway in other countries. Not to mention the new President-Elect is looking to make changes to improve business in the USA.
• You will no longer be a citizen of the United States, you will have to have a passport to even enter the USA, and you would risk being deported if you overstay your welcome. Yeah I know we haven’t been so good at that so far, but I think that’s going to be changed if CA secedes or not.
• Along with needing a passport, any goods you transport have to go through customs. Car inspections, border stops etc.
• What about family you have in other states? Are you okay if your secession causes a war with the USA? Are you prepared to be at war with the country your family lives in? Do you even have guns? California has some really tough gun laws, the closest neighboring states not so much. Which brings up another whole can of worms, establishing your own government.
• Remember that reputation I spoke of? The USA has embassies in many countries, a fostering of international relationships, you’re going to have to establish those relationships yourselves and don’t expect all the countries to deal so nice with you, especially if this causes a war with the USA.
• Along with establishing relationships you will have to establish trade agreements with those other countries, who can you trust to deal fairly with you, you don’t have the power to enforce any deals either. No military, no arms to bear?
• Now here is where it gets really scary, you have a huge economy sure, but many of your funding for schools, social programs, etc. come from the US Government. All of those programs go away when you secede from the USA.

I believe in having the freedom of choice, I am an American and I called California my home for 23 years, give or take. However, the suggestion that California just cannot live with Donald Trump as president is as silly as Texas saying they can’t live with Barrack Obama as president. They did, and you will. Life does not always go the way we want it to, but we still press on. If you think that a Calexit is still the way to go, keep pursuing it, but I think the majority of the state would rather avoid the trouble. Until next time folks.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,

DJ Morand