So, I am working on a Science Fiction setting. A setting in which corporations are the law, versus any centralized government. The year is 2381 and in the wake of two world wars, the corporations rise up to take care of business (pun intended). This is just backstory for the actual novel, but there is something that every good corporation needs … a logo.

I put my photoshop skills to the test and below are the corporations I have created logos for, I created the corporations too, but they’re still fictional.

Tatsumoyo Corporation – the leader in technology and interplanetary travel:


Rasa Laboratories – the leader in genetic evolution and bio-engineering:


AlphaBeta Corporation – weapons manufacturing and defense:


United Earth Conglomeration – leader in all things consumer, mercantile, and transportation:


Emrise Ltd. – the leader in virtual reality, training simulations, and entertainment:


Arcological Venture Systems – a division of Tatsumoyo Corp. Industry leader in exoplanetary exploration and creator of the Prisoner Exoplanetary Reformation Project:

avs_logo          perp_logo

This was a fun little project that I think creates some realism for my setting. I hope to expand each of these with Mission Statements, History (Rise, Fall, or Prosperity) as well as their intricate politics. I also have a couple of organizations I’d like to create some logos for, specifically the Internal Corporate Authority (ICA) which is tasked with judge, jury, and sentence execution. Also, I have the Solar Governing Corps (SGC) which is tasked with the policing of the corporations.

Let me know what you think. Until next time folks.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,

DJ Morand

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