Epiphanies …

Do you ever just have an epiphany? Me either. Sometimes I think I had this grand realization, when in reality it was just something I knew already, but didn’t want to admit. So what is this grand revelation? I am burning the candle at both ends, and my writing is suffering the most. I’ve been far more busy at work than I have any right being, but I didn’t feel the need to slow down with writing. Essentially, I was working as a full-time author, with a full-time job. Now some might argue that this is the life of an author, especially for an independent publisher. Somehow I need to be all things in all situations. I understand that I need to be an advertiser, a marketer, a writer, an editor (at least until I need a real one), and all the while keeping up at work.

So the epiphany happened, Dave, you can’t keep up this pace.

No, I cannot. I am tired, and worn out. Now, don’t get me wrong, that in no way means I am going to stop writing. No, I will keep writing, but the amount of work I put out is going to get reduced. In turn, I hope that the quality will increase. I am a writer, nothing will change that, but I can’t kill myself trying to keep up with full-time authors. I will keep doing my monthly short stories, because honestly those are a fun outlet. As for my novels, they might take a bit longer to get released, but they’ll be the best version I can hope to produce.

On a side note, and seemingly disregarding all of the above, I have created a new way to share my setting. You may have noticed the link above, but I’ll mention it anyhow. The Legends of Vandor Wiki is now live. You can access it by clicking above. It is not complete, I am still working on the individual cities and some of the lore, but there is still a good deal of information available. Go on, check it, make an author smile. Until next time folks.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,

DJ Morand