Enter September … A progress report

Wow! It’s almost September already, where has the year gone? So this year I didn’t get nearly as much writing done as I had intended, at least not in the form of completed novels. In April, my goal was to finish the first draft of The Last Bladesinger, and I managed that. However, the goal was to have it edited and ready for an editor by August 15th, on that I am waaaaay behind.

In June, for JunoWrimo, I wrote 1/3 of the final book of my Infinity Verge series and a Novella that sort of flopped for me. the Novella needs a great deal of editing to make it viable and I am not really feeling the story right now. To the vault it goes. What I did accomplish this year makes me really happy, though. I completed ten (10) short stories in the Legends of Vandor setting. This was a big step because it is what lets me get my first anthology out there.

However much I say I didn’t hit my goals, I reached some milestones this year. First, I published my second book ATLAS in June, I wrote a ton, and I learned a great deal about myself. I am going to put those in a list:

1. I get depressed like anyone else.

I battle with feelings of inadequacy and depression as much as any great writer in history. So in that vein I count myself among good company.

2. I struggle with hard-lined goals.

I am a bit of a rebel, it is the reason I decide to write. Even setting hard-fast rules for myself, I tend towards bending or breaking those rules. However, they’re still good for me to set.

3. I am a writer.

I think sometimes judging oneself on the quality, or quantity, of one’s work leaves one feeling unworthy of the title: writer. But, what is it that a writer does? Well, write. I am a published author, but I still have trouble referring to myself as a writer in casual conversation.

4. I still fear rejection.

Reading reviews can be painful, but seeing a lack of sales hurts more. I struggle with the idea that no one likes me, or that people don’t want to read what I write. I know this isn’t true, because I have bled on these pages and I know they’re at least good if not phenomenal, but there is still that feeling of what if?

5. I am a perfectionist.

I love designing covers, but I tend to overdo it, changing them again and again. I’ll get something that I think looks amazing, then two months later when I have a chance to see it again, I cringe and think, I can do better!

So, that’s where I am for this year. Finished 1 book, still editing it, but will still have an Anthology to release in December. Released another book in June, but need to finish the last of that series. So where I am going from here?

1. Finish Editing The Last Bladesinger
2. Write Ursidae
3. Edit and Publish Ursidae
4. Publish The Last Bladesinger
5. Write The Bladesinger Prophecy (book 2)
6. Start the second series of The Legends of Vandor short stories

These are my Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 goals for 2017. Basically covering January to June next year. I have a few things I want to finish in Q4 this year, October-December. I’ll keep everyone posted. Until next time folks.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,

DJ Morand

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