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So, I have noticed something. Perhaps I am really late to the game, but I have noticed that Podcasting is a thing. I’ve seen podcasts for authors, for sports, for fiction, radio-type serials, you name it. This caused the creative spark in my mind to … well, spark. I am thinking about starting a podcast, which will cover the lore and history of my Legends of Vandor setting. I am still tossing ideas at the wall to see if they stick, but I like this one in particular. So to start, I’ll be looking at what topics I can discuss. I’ve listed the themes below:

1. The Gods
In my Legends of Vandor setting there are two main gods, but there are many that can be talked about. The first episode, as I’ve thought about it, will likely consist of an introduction and a brief history of these gods and the creation of the world. Sort of like my Genesis.

2. The Organizations
There are too many organizations to outright list them all out in the novel or even the short stories. I’ve done a bit of highlighting on certain individuals or members of these organizations in my short stories. However, I have steered away from naming the organizations directly. I think I could focus an episode on an introduction of these organizations, then follow up with individual episodes delving deeper into them.

3. The History
Wars, nations, territories, invasions, and all that goes with them. Need I say more?

So, each of these themes would have specific episodes that would go with them. For instance:

I. The Gods

A. The Younger Gods
Episode 1: Kokila
Episode 2: Bhaskar
Episode 3: Thalassa

B. The Demi-Gods
Episode 4: The Fallen Oban
Episode 5: The Heavenly Oban
Episode 6: The Vandorian Oban

C. The Elder Gods
Episode 7: Kalsa, Mother of Bhaskar
Episode 8: Kroban, Father of Bhaskar
Episode 9: VVontar, Father of Kokila

D. The Lesser Gods
Episode 10: The Dragons

This, as you can see, would comprise 10 episodes covering the lore of the gods of Vandor. It would touch on their relationships, where some of them are during the short stories and the novel. I would also explore motivations and plans for them. I would want to do something similar for each of the themes. Maybe even taking questions in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) sort of format. This is, of course, all a part of my drive to get more involved with my readership and finding those niche places where I can expand and explore my writing more in depth. Until next time folks.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,

DJ Morand

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