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So, if you know me personally, which I am sure some of you do, then you’ll know I am a pretty social person. However, I am also a very odd and awkward person. I’ve been doing a great deal of researching on how to properly market my writing, and I am hitting a great many walls. Not because I am not social, but because I am not sure how to interact. I could easily get on Twitter (like so many authors) and start tweeting at record pace “Buy my books!” or Posting images with pricing and where to get my books, but what is that really accomplishing?

The above scenario reminds me of a television commercial, SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! Come on down to Buck’s AUTO for a CRAAAAAAZY DEAL!

I really do not want to be that guy. Sure, maybe it works, and maybe it gets someone interested in taking a look at my books or maybe, like I tend to do, it is ignored and I sit staring at a sales chart with goose eggs all over it. I mean, it is nice to think that I could be a world famous author by bashing my way into readers’ homes, but I don’t know that is the kind of publicity I want.

So with that in mind, I am trying something. I am getting involved in my social media communities. What does that mean? It means I am being myself. I am posting on Reddit about things I like to talk about, video games, books, movies, you name it. I write posts like these, talking about my life, my struggles, and yes, my progress in writing, because honestly, a huge part of my life is writing. I joined a couple of subreddits dedicated to writing or developing ideas. Because inevitably, helping other authors come up with ideas gets those creative juices in my own mind flowing. I don’t expect these Reddit posts to go viral or anything, I just want to be myself.

I am going to try to be more involved on Twitter too, but Reddit and Facebook seem to be where I feel most at home. I’ve tried to get involved on Imgur, but the only images I create are book covers and generally people see it as some kind of self-promotion, so I am going to stop that. I don’t want to get branded as the guy that is always pushing his writing. I am in the process of trying to rebrand myself as a Fantasy author, which I think will work out. I am not going to take down my science fiction, and I will finish the series, but Fantasy is where I feel most at home.

With all that being said, come find me on Facebook or on Reddit. I’d love to chat with you guys about anything or everything or just shoot the breeze! Until next time folks.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,

DJ Morand

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  1. Everyone hates those authors who sell on twitter “Buy,buy,buy!” Well done by steering away from that. Actually, your strategy is pretty awesome! Engaging readers with the same themes and interests of your books (in this case Fantasy) is a great idea!

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