I can do better …

Do you ever get that feeling? That nagging sense of ‘I can do better than that…’ that just sort of crawls into the white spaces of your mind and sets up shop? No? Yes? Whether you agree with my sentiments or not, I do get that feeling. I was looking at my novel cover, for The Last Bladesinger. I really like the design and the imagery, but something felt off.


I absolutely cannot, for the life of me, pinpoint what it was exactly that made me feel this way, but I decided that something felt off. I started looking at all my Legends of Vandor Short Stories and they felt off too. I started browsing my social media and it dawned on me. I really don’t like the Legends of Vandor Logo. I mean I designed it, but it just feels tacked on.

So, I decided to recreate it, and I failed. So rather than get upset, I went back to the cover above. I like it, but I needed to fix it. So I took the image given to me by my designer, without text. I added my title and my name and proceeded to redesign my cover. I didn’t touch the image at all, it is perfect. However, I changed the text and its formatting.


I am not 100% satisfied with it yet, I still want to edit it some, but I am closer. I really want to tag this as A Legends of Vandor Novel so that it properly ties in with my Legends of Vandor Short Stories, but I can’t seem to get the imagery right. See, I love the sword and skulls image, you can see by my new branding for my social media below:


However, it doesn’t translate well to book covers, primarily because of the lighting and the fact that the background needs to be white. The image above captures the nature of my no-holds-barred style of writing. The Legends of Vandor is graphic and dark, it is unrestrained, but it is still Epic Fantasy. So, the quest for me begins with trying to transport the above image onto my books seamlessly, so it always looks the same. Well, without the words, because the book has enough words. Let me know what you think about the change folks.

Does the text look better on the new version? Or is the old version better?

Do you like the new logo? Does it convey the fantasy vibe while remaining dark?

I’m curious as to your opinions. I write for you guys. Until next time Vandorians.

Your Epic Fantasy Overlord (okay too much) …

Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,

DJ Morand

One thought on “I can do better …

  1. I actually like the first one better. This is why, and I tell you this because this might be why you want to change it I don’t know what you’re going for. In the first one I don’t feel like the lettering overshadows the picture in the second one it feels “too big” to me. For me I’m attracted to a lot of my new authors because of the artistry on the cover, not usually the name. So when it’s white my eyes are drawn to the name which makes it less exciting, when it’s black my eyes are drawn to the sword which is cool and makes me want to read the name.


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