The Novel of Editing …

Camp NaNoWriMo is done. I managed to finish 35,000 words before the end of the month, actually, I got a total of 36,203 words. I only finished four of my five planned short stories, though. I wrote a separate piece for a Reddit contest, so I counted that as my fifth short story. All in all, I set out to do what I planned and I am happy for it.

That brings me to August. What am I doing now? Well, I need a creative writing break. I hadn’t expected the different stories and plots would be so much more difficult than writing a novel, but it was. It is just as well that I am ready for a break, though. Why? Well, because I have let my Legends of Vandor novel, The Last Bladesinger sit for long enough. I can come back to it now with a really fresh set of eyes. It has been sitting since the end of April when I finished it. I have referenced it when writing some of my Legends of Vandor short stories, but I haven’t made any updates or rewrites in at least two months.

Today, I’ve managed to slough my way through the Prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2. I’ve added nearly 400 words in total, that includes words removed and added, which it would be nice if I could track that better.

In all of this, though, I’ve had a revelation. I am sure I have probably spoken (or written) these words before, but I’ll say them again. I want the best story possible. I want to have the greatest novel I can possibly produce. As such is the goal, I cannot put a time frame on how long these edits will take. I give myself a tentative two-month period, but it may take longer for it to be as good as I intend. There is, however, a trap that a writer can fall into here. A trap that has caught many an author. That is the pitfall of editing what no longer needs to be edited. I suffer from a perfectionism that can be crippling. If you remember my post about Time’s Unrighteous Unreliability, you can see the effect this perfectionism has. I know that if I set a goal, I will strive towards that goal with all abandon, and my writing may suffer for it.

As I do not wish to produce something that is sub-par, I intend to give the editing and rewrites of The Last Bladesinger my utmost scrutiny to ensure its beauty and completion. The downside of this is that I will likely miss the planned December launch. I have pushed myself to publish a novel before it was ready before, and I don’t want to do thusly again. Bear with me in solidarity dear readers, for once The Last Bladesinger is ready, I intend it to be an Epic Dark Fantasy thrill ride that will put to shame The Legends of Vandor Short Stories, for they will be but a mere slice of the Novel’s magnificence. Until next time folks.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,

DJ Morand