Food Poisoning is Crappy

Yes, I realize that my title is both literal and figurative and it was intended to be so. I’ve been battling a horrible bout of Food Poisoning since the 4th of July, or thereabouts, I didn’t start showing symptoms of this until Wednesday afternoon, so it is more than likely whatever I had to eat on Tuesday. Which probably means it was the breakfast sandwich from the man in a box who shall not be named in Moreno Valley, California at the corner of Sunnymead and Heacock. Needless to say, this has kept me down for nearly a week. I tried to deny it, but when the sleepless nights began it was pretty much obvious I wasn’t going to beat it without taking serious measures.

The goods news is that I am feeling better. the bad news is that I am waaaaay behind in my writing schedule. The last thing I wrote (before today) was July 1st. ACK! I am suffering from writing withdrawals. I am still pretty darn sore from this sickness, so sitting at a computer for any length of time is torture. On a happy note, I am working to get myself prepared to work in freelance writing, I’d love to be able to move right into a writing position, but such things can take time. I am not giving up on my creative writing, but I want to break free of the corporate mold and start writing full time. To this end, I created a portfolio with samples of some of my work: PORTFOLIO.

It is nothing super fancy, less is more right? However, it has samples of my Knowledge Base content, a Resume, some Creative Writing samples, and some of my blog posts. I’ll be using the link in conjunction with applications for freelance jobs and the like. Wish me luck. Well, folks, that’s what I’ve got for today, until next time.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,

DJ Morand