Milestones …

I am pretty excited. I hit a milestone this weekend, for the month of June I have written over 10,000 words so far. It is only the 6th and I haven’t written yet today. So that is pretty promising. More than that, though, I am now 25,939 words into Ursidae with about 40k left to write. It is the dreaded week two of JuNoWriMo, the week when everyone’s enthusiasm for writing wanes and most manuscripts never make it out of the 10-15k mark.

I am not letting that happen to me because I realized I have a goal. I mean I knew it was there all along, but I’ve only recently accepted it. I desperately want to finish a Series. I’ve finished a book, I’ve finished the second book, now I have a series to wrap up. I think this is why Ursidae has given me as much trouble as it has. It is an ending to something I started, but it is also a huge milestone for me as an author.

Speaking of milestones, on Saturday, I was featured in an author spotlight for JuNoWriMo. It is nice to have the recognition and I’ll admit, it is cool to see my name on a site/blog that isn’t my own, hehe. Until next time folks.



Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,

DJ Morand

ps. You can check out the featured article here.

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