I feel that there is a crossroads. A point when you finish a novel and yet feel a deep emptiness that sort of drains your ability to write. I started writing the Last Bladesinger in December 2015. I had just finished the initial launch of Kodiak: Infinity Verge Book 1 and finished writing Atlas: Infinity Verge Book 2. As I like to do I took a couple of weeks after having finished Atlas to give it some resting time. I felt this postpartum-esque feeling after finishing Atlas.

In order for me, as a writer, to objectively look at a story after I’ve written it, I need to step away. This feeling is a separation from the love and passion I have for a piece of work. When I let Atlas rest, I felt almost depressed that I had finished that story and it was difficult to start a new one. In the second week of December, I began to write my next novel. My dive back into Fantasy and the type of writing I have loved since I was a teenager. I started writing the Last Bladesinger and I found something new and exciting, something that took my mind off the loss I felt at the end of Atlas.

I realize that this lost feeling is pretty normal for me, I feel the same way when I finish reading a book. It is almost as if I have gorged myself on a pie and now I need time for it to digest. The larger the pie the more time needed. I spent the last five months writing a novel that is by far the longest novel I have ever written and most likely the best first draft I’ve written to date of any genre. However, I still feel like I am stuffed and need a break.

I have my own goals and obligations I have set so I cannot take too much of a break. I have a short story coming out next month (two in fact) that need to be finished, revised, and edited. Cortland Dex, Marshwelder (I am thinking I might change that title though) and the first installment of the Castor Doyle: Intergalactic Bounty Hunter series (a DJ Morand Author Newsletter exclusive). The first arrives May 20th on Amazon, newsletter subscribers get it for free on May 15th. The second is only for newsletter subscribers (for now) and will be sent out Memorial Day weekend (May 27th).

In addition to these things in May, I have the upcoming launch of Atlas which will be available June 1st. It is available now for Pre-Order here. So as an author and self-publisher I have my work cut out for me. Yet, I still struggle with this feeling that leaves me in a state of inability. I am sure it will pass, even as I write this I feel some of it falling away. I have to wonder though, if this is a normal feeling. Do all writers experience this postpartum-esque feeling after completing a book? It stands to reason that they might, it is a big accomplishment. However, I wonder too if this is just me, if I am somehow too attached to what I write that I subconsciously distance myself from what I’ve written. It brooks further speculation and discussion I think. Until next time folks.


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DJ Morand

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    • bwhahahahaha. I know the feeling. I have Atlas coming out in June and I am already feeling the pressure. I am running a FB video ad throughout May to get some interest. In the meantime I am trying to work on my Bard story (Cortland Dex), I am really excited about it and it is fun, but I still feel the lingering effects of The Last Bladesinger. I am so glad I am not alone!

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  1. You’ll have to tell me what you did for the lead ad! I think I just targeted the wrong audience. I got a goodly number, but not near what I was hoping for. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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