I absolutely love C.S. Wilde, she is just a gem. I shared Part 1 of this series, now for Part 2. Read it! No really read it! It is the best.

C.S. Wilde

In case you missed part 1, here you go.

Read it? All right, let’s continue.

  • Social media.

This basically translates to engage with your audience.

For that, WordPress is A-okay. Just make sure to follow the tags that are pertinent to your genre and engage with people who might actually be interested in your work. For example: this post is bad business for me, because my audience isn’t built of indie writers. So why am I writing this?

Beats me, buddy. I guess I just want to help. Which brings me to: watch out for your content. No one likes a whiner or someone who’s always with a negative attitude. Write fun, attention grabbing posts that provide some kind of value to your reader. Also remember: don’t write long posts, people don’t have time for that crap (yes, I can appreciate the irony. Yes, this post is huge.) And…

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