Camp NaNo

As I am sure most of you are aware, it is April. That means that it is time for Camp NaNo, which is a smaller event than November’s NaNoWriMo (NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month). However, despite being a smaller event it is a great time for writers to get themselves motivated and writing.

I have taken Camp NaNo to finish a project I started in December, The Last Bladesinger. The Last Bladesinger is a 120,000 word (give or take) novel that is set in my Legends of Vandor dark fantasy setting.

The story follows four heroes on a journey to fulfill prophecy, Lockwood North the youthful and uncertain protege of a Warden, Caeliss a sorceress possessed by a divine spirit, Maeren Frell a roguish Riftlander who has terrible visions, and Argus Von Tor a disgraced soldier seeking redemption from crimes he did not commit. These four are pitted against the minions of an evil goddess, Kokila as they begin their journey to end a thousands year old invasion from the Rift. Battling hellspawn, witches, and dragons, the party struggles to survive while coming to terms with their pasts and the roles the prophecy has forced upon them.

I am pretty damned excited about this book as it is my first full-length fantasy novel. You may have read my previous posts talking about The Last Bladesinger, but it has always been a concept or a work in progress. While it is still a work in progress I surpassed 100,000 words this past week. Which means I only have 15-20k words left to write. Granted this is still the first draft and this novel may not be ready until early next year. Nevertheless, I am still excited about it. Until next time folks.


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DJ Morand

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    • Thanks. I really want to have it out by like September, but I recently decided not to set unreasonable goals for myself. It is just too soon to know if September is unreasonable or not, hehe.

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