Writing, Marketing, and Goals …

I love writing. It is the best part of being a writer. Sadly, it is not the only part of being a writer. Especially, when one is both a writer and a self-published author. There is still a bit of a stigma regarding self-publishing, but I think that is going by the way-side. There are good self-publishers and bad, just as there are good publishers and bad.

My present struggle with my writing career is marketing. There are so many aspects to marketing that it is hard to take them all into account. I’ve been running Facebook ads to generate interest in my mailing list. To generate that interest I am giving away the first book in my Infinity Verge Series, Kodiak. I am always giving away a Legends of Vandor Short Story each month on the 15th, just before I publish it on the 20th. I haven’t seen as much interest as I would like.

Granted, I’ve only been running the ads for two days and I am the impatient sort. Plus, I have the one book out and just put Atlas up for Pre-Order (Book 2 of the Infinity Verge series). Marketing is probably the least of my concerns. As I was discussing things with my wife I have been getting too worked up about marketing when I should be writing!

I think I’ve mentioned all the projects I have in the wings just waiting to be worked on, but I find listing things out helps with perspective:

  • The Last Bladesinger – this is my current ongoing project. Right now I am at about 75,000 words completed and still working towards 120,000 total to finish it out.
  • What to do When You Meet a Human – this is the Camp Nano project I want to work on. I have a goal of 25,000 words for it, which seems to pale in comparison to The Last Bladesinger. I am ready for that change of pace, but I can’t write it until April!
  • Ursidae: Infinity Verge Book 3 – the final installment of my Infinity Verge Trilogy. Originally I was going to wait until November to write this, but I plan to be finished with The Last Bladesinger by June 1st, and finished with WTDWYMAH by the end of April. Yeah there will still be edits and rewrites, but I really want to finish the Infinity Verge Trilogy. Finishing the series feels like a milestone to me.
  • BETA Readers – so this isn’t a writing project, this is my drive to get readers that can read my work and really just give me points and tips on what they thought about plot, characters, setting, etc. The struggle is finding them! You would think that finding people to read free copies of your work would be easy, it isn’t.
  • Reviews – another thing that isn’t a writing project. I have a book out there and another one in pre-order and finding people to do reviews isn’t as easy as you think. I am perfectly fine giving away 500+ copies of my book if even 10% of those people left a review on Amazon and Goodreads. So if anyone reading this knows people who like to write reviews have them contact me djmorand82@gmail.com. That is my official author’s email.
  • Space Race (Title to be Determined) – this is a writing project I haven’t given a title to just yet, but it is set in the Infinity Verge universe and centers around a hot headed racer who gets himself indebted to two separate gang factions. Each side is betting opposite, one gang wants him to win the races, the other wants him to lose. Both have threatened his life. We’ll see where this goes.
  • Legends of Vandor Short Stories – this is my most current and ongoing project, these short stories are promised to my newsletter subscribers, but I will still be publishing them on Amazon as well. These are the history of my Dark Fantasy setting that will lead up to the release of The Last Bladesinger. So they’re pretty crucial and pretty exciting.
  • Writing Groups – I have been having a hell of a time finding one of these. There are some really huge ones in phoenix, but I have some social anxiety that just doesn’t work for me. I’d like to get a good online group set up, but I don’t know if I have the time to manage a group as well as accomplish the above.

Listing it all out makes it seem like it is not much, but I feel like this coupled with a full-time job is a pretty full schedule. Not to mention I still like to read, lol. I am about half-way through Mark Dawson’s 1000 Yards, mostly due to down time this weekend. All in all, some of this makes me pretty anxious, but that is why I write to all of you! I like sharing and I like writing, so this is a good thing.

On a final note, if any of you are interested in joining my mailing list, you can do so by going to djmorandauthor.com/mailinglist you’ll get my first book for free and all the Legends of Vandor short stories before they’re published. Plus you can read more of my ramblings, fun right!? Until next time folks.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,

DJ Morand