Writing Update: February

I am writing so much these days it is hard for me to keep track of the projects I’m working on. In the vein of making sense of it, I decided a blog post to share my thoughts and projects (and doing so regularly) would create some incentive for me to keep track.

Legends of Vandor

This is by far the most important of my priorities right now. After publishing Kodiak and finishing Atlas, I decided that while I love Science Fiction, I don’t love writing it nearly as much as I do Fantasy. I had a setting that I began writing in when I was thirteen, Kruthoud. For years, everything Fantasy that I wrote was in this setting. When I first began writing in Nanowrimo in November of 2014, I started with a story in the Kruthoud setting. However, it just didn’t feel write (intentional typo). I scrapped the project and wrote Kodiak instead. Still, I wanted to write some great Fantasy. I came to the conclusion that, for me, Kruthoud was dead and I needed a new setting.

I was reading some HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, and playing Diablo III when an idea struck. I wanted a realistic, gritty, and dark Fantasy world to write in. The problem with Kruthoud is that it was High Fantasy like what one would use for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I love Game of Thrones, Tolkien, and Shannara. Each of them has their place in my life, but none of them address the kind of Epic Dark Fantasy that I wanted to read. So, I began sketching notes and locations and eventually a map for Vandor. I wrote a short story and posted a part of it here on this blog. I received some feedback regarding the world and realized it was just over the top edgy. Edgy is good, but I don’t want to overdo it. So I went back and I wrote this.


When believers fail
Rise the dead stage
Weepers wail
Broken the ways

With the Rising of the Three
The last singer,
The captive spirit,
The conspirator.
Each a role to play
By the last light of the moon
On shadowed cay
Bones hard as iron,
Tears forged in steel.
A clash of gods
Will the way reveal

The last of the singers
And the border
Flow, flow, flow in the wild
Across time and time
Score upon trepid score
The witch in the wild rise

The witch in the wild burns with hate
The witch in the wild needs magic to sate
The hunger, the hunger, the hunger of hate

Pained the witch’s cry
Painful the men must die
Pained the witch’s cry
Fire green burns and lights the sky.

Flee flee flee Diafol’s eye
Death and rot are nigh
Upon the mountain of the wizard’s old
Diafol grows cold cold cold

The last singer weeps for the border
Who shall die and live and die

This is the Prophecy of the Three. I had an idea for this world plagued by demons that have risen from a Rift in the world itself. The Rift if a bottomless pit that connects to a literal hell in the center of the world. Some crazy wizard decided he would become a god and siphoned power from the world itself and cracked it. The demons flooded up from the depths and ravaged the land. The prophecy was spoken some years later and everyone is waiting for it to come to pass. These verses gave me the idea for a novel I am calling The Last Bladesinger and will be a part of (right now) a 5-Book series titled the Clydorein Cycle. At present, I am just about 60,000 words into the novel and I feel I am about half-way finished.

In other Vandor news, I plan on publishing a short story each month that will center on the events of the past of this setting. I have already published Vessen Marr, Bladesinger which tells the story of the First Bladesinger and his vengeance against a dragon. This is available on Amazon. Next month, I plan to release the next installment of my Legends of Vandor Short Stories. The next story is titled The Rift and it will tell the tale of Casten Frier and Jak Von Tor, an evil wizard and a warrior as they battle each other and the hellspawn released from the rift.

Infinity Verge

This was my debut series as an author, which started with Kodiak (Also Available on Amazon). The second book in the series is titled Atlas and is scheduled for a release in June 2016. Pre-order for Atlas will be available soon. Presently, book two is being edited so I’ll keep you posted on that.

Book three of the Infinity Verge Trilogy, Ursidae I will begin writing this November as I have dedicated the majority of my year to the Legends of Vandor and my April Camp Nanowrimo project.

Camp Nanowrimo

This April I am planning on starting a new novel, which will probably be around 25-30k words. It is a bit of short fiction that was inspired by an IMGUR post. This book is a satirical look at self-help novels from the perspective of an alien, regarding the most dangerous species in the universe, humans.

This book will be titled What to do When You Meet a Human: An Any Species Guide to First Contact. The title is intentionally long like many self-help books are.

Advertising, Facebook, Twitter, and Free Books

Another big part of my writing is spreading the word about what I am doing in regards to my novels and short stories. I recently created a Facebook page for my author persona, DJ Morand. Likewise, I have a twitter account @dj_morand. In the coming month, I am going to be working on setting up a mailing list so that I can keep interested readers updated as to what is coming out and what’s new.

When I launch Atlas, I am going to make Kodiak available for FREE during the five days of Atlas’ launch. After that, it will revert to its regular list price. I am also working on a project to give away some FREE and SIGNED printed copies of Kodiak.


That’s all I have for now, until next time folks.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,


DJ Morand