Deadpool, A Review: There will be Spoilers

I like to wait to review a movie until it has been out for at least a week or more. Deadpool released on February 12th. It is February 22nd, that’s 10 days, almost two weeks (right?). I think it is safe to review Deadpool. However, there will be spoilers.


Still here? Okay. First, let’s get the premise out of the way. Guy is a mercenary, guy meets girl, guy falls in love and wants to marry girl, guy gets cancer, guy is offered an opportunity to cure cancer, guy leaves girl and takes opportunity, guy is horribly disfigured with super mutant healing power, guy goes after bad guy, guy gets girl.

Alright, that is the skinny on the first forty minutes or so of the movie. Although, this is interspersed throughout the film as flashbacky backstory. The real beauty of this film comes in who Deadpool is and the whole point of the movie for him. First, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) only accepts the possible cancer treatment so that he can still be there for his girl and love. The treatment though is really really fucked up. He is tortured and injected with serums which eventually unlock his mutant genes.

Deadpool is a healer like Wolverine, but he is also just a little bit crazy. One of the attending physicians (can we call him that?) Francis, is the one to torture Wade Wilson and unlock his potential. The problem with unlocking his potential is the horrid disfiguration of his face and body. Wade knows he looks like an avocado fucked another older avocado and cannot stand the thought of his girl rejecting him. So instead he uses his newfound powers to hunt down Francis, whom he believes can ‘fix’ his face.

Deadpool is a violent and horribly offensive movie, but that is what makes it amazing. Deadpool crosses the boundary intentionally and reminds us that we don’t need to take offense to every little thing. Ryan Reynolds pulls no punches as the Merc with a Mouth. The jokes are hilarious, the fourth wall is shattered, and the action is intense. The story arc of Wade Wilson turned Deadpool is perfection. As a writer, I can see the steady progression of ‘okay guy’ to ‘psychopathic okay guy who likes to kill bad guys’.

That being said, Deadpool is not for the kiddies. Any of them. I wouldn’t let my 13-year-old anywhere near the theater, let alone any of my younger nephews or nieces. In fact, I am not even sure if it is safe for 17-year-olds. There is sex, violence, language, blood, and some very adult themes. All in all, though, Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool and this iteration is perfection.

Make sure you stay for the after credits scenes as well. My recommendation, go see Deadpool and go expecting it to be offensive, because honestly it will be, but that’s okay. Until next time folks.


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