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Hello, this is my first author review. Bear with me as this is a new series so things might start out a bit rough. I decided to start with an author I am pretty familiar with and one who has made me love Science Fiction and Adventure again. Firstly, just a little background. I grew up on Science Fictions TV and Movies, but I always read horror and medieval/epic fantasy. I just didn’t care for science fiction in printed form. The first science fiction story I read as an adult was actually by Joshua Dalzelle. I’ll touch on that a bit later. Without further ado here is my first Author Review: Joshua Dalzelle.

Joshua Dalzelle is an indie author of science fiction. He is a bestselling author of the Omega Force series and the Black Fleet Trilogy. Omega Force #1 (Omega Rising) published in January of 2013, was Dalzelle’s first novel. Joshua was originally an Engineer and broke into Science Fiction writing with a series best described by Dalzelle as the A-Team in Space. Relatively new, Dalzelle has only been a professional writer for about three years but has already published ten novels, seven in the Omega Force Series and a stand-alone trilogy.

Narrative Style
Dalzelle writes in the third person. This style serves him well in both his Omega Force and Black Fleet novels. The Omega Force series is a fast-paced adventure that draws the reader in. Dalzelle uses the average Joe cliche in Omega Rising to give a glimpse of his larger universe. While he uses the cliche here, he does it in a way that it is fresh and fun. Alternatively, Black Fleet is not fast at all. The hard military sci-fi novels set in the Black Fleet universe are slower and more methodical. In either case, Dalzelle maintains the proper voice that gives the right pace for the story.

Plausibility/Suspension of Disbelief (World/Universe Building)
I want to be specific with each of Dalzelle’s series mainly because the worlds are so vastly different. This is the first point I want to make. Dalzelle’s style in both his novels tends towards lighter world/universe building, but enough story and plot to give a view of what the world looks like. Let’s start first with the Omega Force series. This series requires a great deal of suspension of disbelief to get into. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is just not hard science. I would liken this style to a Fantasy author who creates a world of magic. Dalzelle manages to expand the worlds more as he progresses through the novels and it really opens up. In the Black Fleet Trilogy, the universe is much larger and there are more planets, but the diversity of alien races is much smaller. Black Fleet requires very little suspension of disbelief, the science is much harder and really feels like a plausible future.

In the end, Joshua Dalzelle’s world-building is par for the course in either of the two types of Sci-Fi he has written. I find that I enjoyed both series immensely.

Author Rating
As I mentioned in my previous post my star rating system is a little more biased towards 2-4 star ratings versus 1 or 5 stars. However, that being said, Joshua Dalzelle is one of the first authors I give a 5-star rating. I wait on Dalzelle’s books with bated breath. I’ve read each of the Omega Force books twice and I’ve read the Black Fleet trilogy. I follow Dalzelle on his FB and Twitter, in fact, I am listening to a podcast with Dalzelle and Author Strong as I type this.


Well, that’s my first Author Review, let me know what you thought. What was good? What was bad? Until next time folks.



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  1. This is actually such an interesting concept, because you can accurately review the author based on their writing skills and your opinion on them rather than a single book they’ve written, which may or may not be really good! I don’t read Sci-Fi much, but I think I’ll have to put Joshua Dalzelle on my TBR list!

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