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So I am thinking of starting a new series, which I will call Author Review. Often we tend to review books and extend our praise of the book to the author but rarely do we look at the collected works of an author and review his or her work. I’d like to start this, reviewing Authors based on a collection of their works. Obviously, it would be a tedious task to read every book an author has published, especially if it were someone like Terry Brooks or Stephen King. Those are two of my favorite authors and even I haven’t read every one of their books. So, I am actually going to start this next week, but I wanted to lay out my criteria.

1. The author must have at least a trilogy available, more books is okay, less is not. An author with one or two books can be judged by the merit of said books alone and it is not too much trouble to read fewer books. The purpose of this is to highlight an authors strengths and weaknesses over the course of several novels.

2. The author must be a Fantasy, Science Fiction, or Horror author. I am not really interested in other genres, I’ve read some of the Jack Reacher novels as well as some of Clancy’s novels, but they’re not really my style and I think I would do a poor job judging the author based on these types of novels.

I don’t think I need more rules, other than how I am going to approach the critique. This is an experiment for me, so it may just be downright terrible, but it might become something. Who knows? So below I am listing my rating scale.

1. This author is terrible. Plots are weak, stories are contrived and overdone, there is nothing original.
2. This author isn’t terrible, but he or she is not good. Plots are weak or stories are contrived. The original content is too far out there or does not suspend belief properly.
3. This author is not bad, but they’re not great either. Plots feel stretched. Characters lack development.
4. This author is pretty good. I enjoy reading multiple novels by this author, they’ve at least earned my following interest.
5. This author is the best! I cannot put their books down and I follow them religiously as well as on social media just waiting to get something new!

So, now that I have created this I think I need to make a list of the authors I want to review. After I have done that I think I’ll open my mind to reviewing authors others have suggested. Now before you think I am getting altruistic here and promoting authors for the sake of promotion, I am not doing that entirely. This creates some accountability for me. First, it keeps me reading. If I am reading, I am learning about writing. Stephen King once said:

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.”
― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

I cannot agree more. So in doing this, I am committing to two of these I am going to have to read a lot, and I am committing to writing about the authors I am reading. Below you will find the first three authors I want to review. I am starting with a list of three because it doesn’t seem too daunting, but it doesn’t seem like too little either.

1. M.R. Mathias
2. Joshua Dalzelle
3. James A. Corey

Mathias is a new fantasy author I’ve been reading, but he’s been out for a few years. Joshua Dalzelle is one of my favorite Sci Fi authors, and James A. Corey has a series of books that have been turned into a television series. I am going to kick off next week with Joshua Dalzelle because … well because I want to. Until next time folks.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,


DJ Morand

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  1. I love this idea, I wanted to do something similar but yours is so much more fluent than my would ever be. I’m going to leave if to the pro and just read your critiques. Can’t wait!

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