Strange Dreams are Strange …

Imagine you are in a storage container. Now imagine that storage container is a full-fledged starship. It has no wings, but it has propulsion, artificial gravity, but no CO2 scrubbers. Now, imagine your copilot is a Golden Retriever named Bud. Got that in your mind? Okay now imagine you launch this ship into space and you’re up there cruising to Mars. Got it? Alright, this is where things take a turn for the worst. You don’t have enough air. You’re not sure how to turn the ship around, but Bud knows.

Bud decides that life is more important than his secret.

He turns to you and he says, “I can guide you through the steps to get us home.” Incredulous you look at Bud.

Did he just talk? You think to yourself.

“I did just talk,” Bud says. “Now listen to me. You need to reset the nav position and recalibrate it to target an entry vector to Earth.”

Bud goes on through more instructions and guides you back to Earth. Air is getting tighter, but you’re able to contact NASA. They’re all up in arms about your air supply and start to panic. Bud sighs in the way only a dog can sigh.

“Don’t listen to them,” Bud says. “Just follow my directions and we’ll get back alive.”

So you listen to Bud and you manage the re-entry back to Earth. You land the storage container and before you leave the ship, Bud turns to you and gives you a wink that basically says, “Don’t tell anyone I can talk, k?” You nod dumbly then you hear the alarm.

That was my night or rather my dream last night.

I have always found dreams fascinating. This particular dream was one part comedy, two parts disaster/crisis aversion, and three parts science fiction at its best. Emphasis on the fiction. I like to analyze my dreams and see where the ideas came from, but this one has me puzzled. I know why the whole air is running out thing. I am sure it was my subconscious telling me that my CPAP mask wasn’t fitted properly. So I was having trouble breathing.

I love dogs, but mine is a Beagle named Faith. I’ve never had a Golden Retriever, let alone any dog named Bud. The dog’s countenance did remind me a bit of my childhood Cocker Spaniel, Rocky, as I used to discuss all of my problems with him. The starship and Mars likely have to do with my fascination with traveling to other worlds, Mars especially because of it being in the news recently. NASA and Bud still have me a bit stumped. Might make for an interesting short story. I might just adapt it. Until next time folks.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,


DJ Morand

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