Writing Motivation …

If you’re a writer (or you know someone who is) then you know that motivation is probably our biggest pitfall. A lack of motivation really kills writing. I am reminded of the Dilbert comic my dad sent me last year.



This is so true. Sometimes a writer just doesn’t have the motivation they need. I’ve experienced the lulls and the ups of writing. I’ve learned a few things from NaNoWriMo and the structure of having a writing goal. I know I had a blog post a bit ago regarding word count goals and using a calendar tracking words daily. Unfortunately, that method turned out to be more tedious than I would like for my current side project.

I am writing a 4 part novel that just doesn’t work on a daily schedule. It is the side project after all. However, I still want to devote time to it. If I don’t set a goal though that pesky motivation problem arises again. So this is what I did:


TLB Word Count 1

As you can see this is where I am in each section of this novel. The goal is 30k words per section.


TLB Word Count 2

See how the colored bar filled up? It is like Health or Mana bars in a video game. Each 5,000-word increment increases the meter.


TLB Word Count 3


TLB Word Count 4


TLB Word Count 5


TLB Word Count 6


TLB Word Count 7

This one is my favorite. If that isn’t obvious by the colorful fill and Section Complete listed at the bottom.


Having a goal helps me to focus on 1 or more sections at a time. Since each of the first three sections is following separate characters that eventually run into each other in the 4th and final section, it is easy to write it like this. I can have 20k in one section but only 1-3k in another and it will reflect where the story is too light. This also will allow me when I feel the story is complete to check and see where I might need more character development. Granted this tops the book out at over 120k words, but it is a fantasy novel and I would rather have too much and need to remove than trying to think up more to add after all is said and done (been there, done that).

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. One more thing that I almost forgot. This is for my new novel called The Last Bladesinger. I think I mentioned it is a side project, but I was feeling bored and so I went ahead and made this for it:



Obviously this is the print cover for an actual book with a spine. If this were just an ebook you would just use the front of it, without the author and book blurb on the back.


As I mentioned before feel free to comment, critique, or discuss. You’ll find I don’t mind chatting about my books, writing, reading, photoshop, etc. Until next time folks.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,


DJ (Dave) Morand