Kodiak, Atlas, and Ursidae …

I’ve made no secret that I am writing a series of Novels. So this is just a quick update on where I am and what’s next.

First things first. There is a 2nd Edition of Kodiak: Infinity Verge I on the market now. This is because there were some formatting errors in the original printed copy I missed upon first proof. I have rectified these errors and uploaded a new copy to Amazon. With this, there is also a reduction in the price for both the printed and ebook versions. The printed book has been brought down to $9.99 and the ebook price to $2.99. These changes are to bring the book in line with other books of the same genre and length.

On to other things, Atlas: Infinity Verge II is at the Alpha Reader stage. I completed my rewrite last night and sent it out to my Alpha Readers. I am hoping to have the Alpha Reader stage complete by the beginning of March. That way I can take the entirety of March to apply the feedback from the Alpha readers and get this book out to an editor.

Ursidae: Infinity Verge III is my planned conclusion to this series and I figure I’ll start writing this in November of 2016. To be frank I am not sure how that one is going to go, haha. In any case, I will bring the Infinity Verge series to a conclusion in Ursidae.

What am I doing now?

So since I have finished the rewrite for Atlas and I am waiting on Alpha Readers’ feedback I have some time on my hands. So what do I do with free time? I write. So the question becomes what do I write?

I have a couple of projects I work on from time to time. The first is my campaign setting I am building for The Legends of Vandor, within that setting I am writing a novel called Bladesinger (The Last Bladesinger?) it is a work in progress. However, this April I am going to focus my efforts on writing some humor.

After reading a tumblr post on Imgur (social media-inception?) I got an idea for a satirical look at humanity. Since I enjoy Science Fiction/Fantasy I decided that I would write a self-help novel for aliens encountering humanity for the first time. This book will be titled:

Yedgar Vonstufflebaum’s: What to do When You Meet a Human

An Any Species Guide to First Contact with Earthlings



Alright so it is not what you’re thinking. Think of it this way, what if humans were the most fearsome predators in the universe and other aliens just wanted to survive us? Have that in mind? Great, now imagine one such alien has written a self-help novel to aid in that survival. Okay now you’ve got it. Humans are bad mamajammas and aliens are just trying to survive us. I think my writing style in this will be something of a blend of Guide for Dummies and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. We’ll see. Until next time folks.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,


DJ Morand