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I love movies. I am pretty sure I’ve pointed this out before. I also appreciate a good television series. The fact that I love writing goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, I love writing. This weekend as my wife was watching reality TV, I took a break from reading and writing to work on some Christmas projects. One of my hobbies is woodworking. This year I am working with Hardwood Maple. The tree itself grows in most of the Northeastern United States and parts of Eastern Canada. However, I digress. When I take time away from reading and writing I feel replenished and energized when I come back to it.

While I was working on projects this weekend with the sawdust flying and the sound of my table saw and power sander (not simultaneously) filled my ears, I was able to step back. There is a certain beauty in working with one’s hands that one cannot find anywhere else. I cherish these moments, but inevitably they always return my thoughts back to writing. My wife was binge watching the latest season of Top Chef when I started working and she was just about done when I finished. So I decided to finish reading the latest from Joshua Dalzelle’s Blackfleet Trilogy. This trilogy has been one of my favorites recently I could hardly put it down, I’ll link the books below because I really think they’re worth a read. Again, I digress.

After finishing reading and my wife finishing Top Chef, I had the urge to rewatch Star Wars. Unfortunately, I only have the remastered editions, so I got to deal with the dewbacks, poorly CGI’d Jabba, and Greedo shooting first. Despite these terrible additions to the movies, I was caught by the story. As an author, I have a tendency to try and see the writer’s ideas as they wrote the screenplay. I like to imagine what it would be like to write such an epic story and I realized that I have in a sense. My writing is nowhere near as popular as Star Wars and they’re certainly not movies (yet), but I like to think that they started in the same place. An idea someone felt was worth writing down.

As I was watching Star Wars, I thought about the things that make an epic movie or series. I remembered a meme I saw for how to make a blockbuster, it included things like having a character that is the Mentor (Obi-Wan) who dies or leaves and comes back again (Gandalf). Having an unsuspecting youth inherit a legacy (Luke, Harry Potter). An evil villain (Darth Vader, Voldemort) who seems unstoppable. The friend (Han Solo, Ron Weasley) and the girl in a relationship or courting one with the friend (Leia, Hermione). Then I began to compare this model to my own writing, the villain that seems unstoppable (The EXO Prime). The unsuspecting hero (Abel Cain) the friend (Zee) and the girl (Echo). I made a twist though and Echo falls for Abel instead, but still I have the components. I can only hope that someday someone finds my books as interesting as I have found others, I don’t need them to be the next Star Wars, but international sales and maybe a Made for TV movie would be nice. Until next time folks.


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DJ Morand

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