Belief and its Influence …

I have been many things in my life, a liar, a cheat, an honest man, and a friend. I have been a devout Catholic, a heretic, and an agnostic. I have followed Taoism, Buddhism, and Mormonism. I have been a Nazarene Christian and a Pentecostal. However, none of these beliefs really define me. Each influences me in their own way. My experiences are cumulative. My experiences have rendered me incapable of not believing in a higher power, in God. I am a Christian, in the basest of definitions in that I look to Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord, but I am not the societal definition of a Christian.

I am not a Bible thumping activist who shouts down the opposition in a contest of wills. I am not a bigot who turns a blind eye to those who are gay or bisexual. I do not believe that religion should be a part of the government or even influential in it. I accept that science teaches us a great deal. I do not discount a theory because it goes against what I am told is true. I have ever been curious, I want to know everything, but that does not mean I cannot have faith.

There is a peculiar sort of medium one has to find to temper faith, belief, and knowledge. I think that to discount knowledge or theory because it does not align with faith is a disservice to the God that created us. If one disregards scientific evidence in order to support faith is that not the same as discounting the same minds that were given us? We were created as thinking beings, whether we came to life through evolution or a simple snap of a godly finger doesn’t matter. Who are we to say that conditions were not set to allow for evolution? Or that some magic exists beyond our understanding?

I discuss all this today because I believe that our beliefs, science or faith-based, influence writing. I find that my blend of Taoism and Christianity, Science and Catholicism, or any of my other conglomerated beliefs affect the themes of what I write. I often write broken characters and tales of redemption or depravity arising from said characters. The worlds I create assume that mankind has lost something, or has fallen, but it not without the ability to be redeemed. At the same time everything is very cyclic in nature, events can repeat themselves. I am not a religious zealot, but I write about some. I am not a starship captain either, but I write about some.

Too much we focus on what is the right religion or the right belief, rarely do we hear what another has to say. Every belief has value, every person a story. I think, more than anything, this is what I try to convey in my writing. Even the good can become bad, and the bad can turn to good, but there is always room for gray. That is, because, gray represents what we do not know, the indecisions, the fallacies, and the unanswered. Sometimes as human beings we try too hard to define everything around us instead of just being.

If we can get out of our own heads, I think that we’ll see we’re not so alone as we all think. There is a real connection to be made when you understand another’s point of view. That can be done through a story or because of it. Understanding and disagreeing does not mean hate, it means you have a greater enlightenment. I am still not a fan of being politically correct, but that is another blog post. Until next time folks, keep on writing.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,


DJ Morand