NaNoWriMo, Changes, and Kodiak …

So, as you may know, I published Kodiak: Infinity Verge I on Friday. As of Sunday evening, I’ve sold five copies. For a new author, that is nothing at which to scoff. I am pretty excited. I am more excited that I have received three five-star reviews. I know two of the people that left reviews, though, and they’re both family. Although, they have read my novel and told me when they read it that they enjoyed it. The third review is a genuine customer. Someone who bought the book Friday night and tore through it in two days. They left a review today, also five stars. I’ll link my book again below if you want to read the review.

This, plus the sales, have inspired me. I originally was going to write the remainder of Centauri One this November. However, the reviews all said they could not wait to read the next installation of Infinity Verge. I already had a draft of the second novel, about ten thousand words worth. It just so happens that is just about the same number of words I had already written for Centauri One. So for NaNoWriMo I’ve decided to write the remaining forty thousand words to ATLAS: Infinity Verge II, the sequel to Kodiak. Something great that has come of putting myself out there in Kodiak is that I have taken that step into the realm of published authors. I am so excited. So, I know I have been talking about Centauri One for a few months, but I feel that ATLAS is the next book that needs to be finished.

The best thing about being an author is I always have another story to tell. So Centauri One will definitely be finished, but it will be on the back burner to my Infinity Verge series until I finish it. I know a few people that will be happy to hear this. Until next time folks.



A stolen starship.
An alien threat.
An unlikely alliance.
In 2972, rogue alien machines threaten humanity, Captain Echo Shade goes off mission to find the one man no one trusts. Abel Cain, a star-ship thief, and self-proclaimed captain, just wants to be left alone. Until Echo Shade asks for his help. When Abel finds out that Echo is the Admiral’s daughter he sends her away, but not before she gives Zee – Abel’s co-pilot – details on an imminent threat. Drawn from his self-imposed exile, Captain Abel Cain makes the decision to help humanity weather the coming onslaught. With his best friend – Zee – by his side and his growing respect for Echo Shade; Captain Abel Cain starts a journey towards redemption.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,


DJ Morand