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So today I was reading the NaNoWriMo forums because I already hit 1,500 words today and finished a chapter. I came across a post where a mother was asking for encouragement for her daughter. As I understand it, the daughter had a guest author appear at the school for an assembly. This author went on to tell all these youngsters that writing in the Fantasy genre is cheating. He went on to say that writing in Fantasy is having the ability to be god and just drop in resolution where-ever you feel like it. To further expound on his condescension and ignorance he said that Fantasy writing has no rules, no structure and it is just cheating.

Let me say this, NO. Fantasy is an incredible genre to write in. It is only recently I took up Science Fiction, for 20 years the only genre I wrote in was Fantasy. Is it easier to write in Fantasy? Yes, it is for me. That is because I have this odd imagination that constantly asks “what if.” The fantasy genre requires thinking outside of the box.

1. You have to create a world no one has seen.
2. You have to create characters and races no one has seen.
3. Magic can do all kinds of things, but you have to find out how to write those boundaries.
4. You have to build your own government.
5. You have to build your own societal norms.
6. You might even have to build your own geographical landscapes and climate.
7. MAPS! I think I have said before I like maps.

The list goes on, but I cannot think of all the things needed for the fantasy genre at the moment. Fantasy is not cheating, it is not slapping in a resolution where-ever I feel like. It does have rules. Anyone who says Fantasy is cheating doesn’t understand fantasy. Until next time folks.


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  1. To that author I would say this, “All books written are fantasy, the world seen through an individual’s eyes is always a fantasy. It may have rules and boundaries, but as science shows again and again those rules are broken and re-written all the time. History books contain partial stories from one perspective and are effectively just the fantasy version of events as given by victors of various conflicts. About the only book you can write that is not fantasy is a Math book, and only if it is a basic math book. Further to this, even writing a fiction book set in the real world, you as an author can use deus ex machina to resolve any conflict within a book. Is it good writing to do so? Not at all, but it wouldn’t be accepted in fantasy as good writing either.”


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