Meat Loaf

I have recently rediscovered Meat Loaf. The savory, robust consumption of this excellent MUSIC! Yes, I mean the band Meat Loaf, thought I was talking about food didn’t you? It is not just Meat Loaf, though, Foreigner, Kansas, Eagles, etc. I have a new found love for Classic Rock. Having been born in the 80s, I never had much use for the music of the 80s, or the 60s and 70s for that matter.

I am a child of Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, (and yes) Slayer. Grunge and Hard Rock had been my forte for so long that I had little use for the riffs and cadence of Classic Rock. My father will attest that I even went so far as to call his music old and annoying. Something changed for me when I hit 30 though. I realized that not only did my father have excellent taste in music, but he also imparted that taste to me.

I find that when I am listening to my Amazon Prime playlists in the morning I hear a great deal of classic rock, from Aerosmith to ZZ Top. I think part of this is that I discovered the Television show Supernatural just a couple of years ago and started binge watching. I am still only part way through season 10, but the plethora of classic rock in their episodes made me realize how much I love the music. Not to mention Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Awesome Mix Volume 1 anybody?

In short, I will never tire of singing along to Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas, even having as terrible a singing voice as I do. There is something about Classic Rock that will forever let it remain in the annals of music history, let alone roaming the halls of my memories. Every time I hear a song ‘for the first time’ I realize that it either resonnates in me, or I know the song from my childhood. Thanks, Dad! You have given me a piece of history without my ever realizing it, and I am eternally greatful for the experience. Now I think I am going to listen to some Blue Swede and Rupert Holmes. Until next time folks.


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DJ Morand

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