Returning to Legends of Vandor …

So a few months ago I posted a pretty hard-core story, hard-core in the sense of imagery, grittiness, and graphic description. I received some positive criticism that led me in another direction at the time. I took some time to reflect on that criticism and put Legends of Vandor aside. While it was sitting to the side, I continued working on my more futuristic Science Fiction stories and novels.

I revisited the Legends of Vandor story and revised it, but I felt that the original flowed better. To be blunt, the original had a great deal of nudity and sex that detracted from the story. However, in changing those scenes to make them more R-rated than X-rated I had to alter the plot of those sections. All in all, it felt like a jumbled detracted mess. So I tossed it aside. I have not touched Legends of Vandor since. That is, until earlier this week.

My ALPHA readers of the original Vandor stories gave mixed reviews, some loved it and as I mentioned some gave me very constructive criticism. So I took both these reviews to heart and returned to my Dark Ages/Medieval setting and wrote a new story. Is there nudity? Yes. Is there gruesome depiction? Yes. Do they detract from the story? No.

Legends of Vandor will always be my venture into the realistic, gritty adult story lines that give a dark turn to the fantasy genre. As such I have decided not to pull any punches, but at the same time I am not out to write horror erotica either. I’ve dug deeper with this new story and maybe one day, after writing several short stories and novellas, I’ll delve into writing a Vandor novel. For today, I will stick with the short stories and build out the legends of this setting.

My first story in Vandor (version 2) is called Warden. The story follows Cole the Sevens as he discovers a town in the welds (wild lands) that has been completely massacred by a demon, one that is still present. Cole is a Warden, part of a sect of protectors that arose to combat the demons flooding from an enormous rift in the center of the world.

At present, I have only a small handful of ALPHA readers and virtually no BETA readers. If you would be interested in being an ALPHA or BETA reader for any of my Legends of Vandor stories, please let me know. Due to local and state laws I cannot accept any ALPHA or BETA readers for Legends of Vandor under the age of 18. The under 18 audiences would still be a fit for my Infinity Verge and Centauri One setting novels/stories. Until next time folks.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Author,


DJ Morand