King of the World …

So I had an interesting story idea, so this is just a quick and dirty tease for it, sorry.

Carl Drapers wakes up to find he is the last person on Earth.

In the October of 2015, Carl Drapers – a technical support agent and part-time blogger – discovers that everyone else on Earth has gone missing. At first, this is a grand discovery and Carl names himself King of the World. What he failed to realize is that being king comes with responsibility. The electricity is failing, the water faucet is running dry, and Carl has no idea how to survive.

I’ve already begun writing the first chapter. I had too much excitement not to share this one. For those looking forward to Centauri One and my other projects I assure you they are still in the works. This is just the latest idea in a string of thoughts. Until next time folks.


Your friendly neighborhood author,


DJ Morand