One of those days …

Do you ever have one of those days? You know the one. The one where you hate that you are a writer because nothing creative is coming to mind. That feeling of emotional despair and the ‘Woe is ME!’ rises to the surface. A day where you feel perpetual agony because the very thought of writing something creative is anathema. I am feeling one of those days today. Sure, I am here writing a blog forcing myself to stick to the goal of putting out a blog post each Monday. I am not doing this for anyone in particular, primarily for myself; as much agony as it brings today.

See, I think, being a writer has its ups and its downs. This is why we get bad literature, because we, as writers, feel the need to pen our words even when we feel at our worst. Sometimes we pen our words only when we are at our worst. How else do you think a man thought up the horrid tragedy of Romeo and Juliet? Or The Raven?

In our worst of times we can create something from our agony. That is why these days are the worst though. On a day like today when the very soul of my creativity is waxing thin, I feel this drawing, hateful, spiteful drive to give up writing forever. That is when my heart weeps and my creative mind rages unleashing a bastion of fortitude. It is in these times that I think my mind awakens and drives to tell me not only am I a writer, but I am a damned good one.

At the same time there is this driving need for self-deprecation. As if there is that small part of my mind shrouded in fear and doubt that insists that I not write another word, that I stop–










Had you for a second, I hope? No I will not stop, I will not cease, I will not go so quietly in the dark of writer’s block. I will not go. Instead I will kick, I will scream, I will write. Even if in doing so I pen poor literature, because, after all, that is what editing is for! Until next time folks.


Your friendly neighborhood author,


DJ Morand

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