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Let me premise the forthcoming hammer of pure literary defense with the following:

I enjoy a good show or movie adapted from a book. Please keep doing it.

Now, what I want to say. Despite my love of a good movie or television show, I have a great distaste for those shows and movies that do little justice to the book. Before I get lynched by all the movie execs and producers out there. I completely understand some creative liberties. Taking three characters into one being, dropping filler (as entertaining as it may be), and reducing a 6 or 7 hundred page novel into a 2 hour movie. Not an easy thing to do. That being said, stick to the heart of the book.

So, as way behind as I am, I just began reading Wizard’s First Rule. For those of you who do not know this is the basis for the Television series Legend of the Seeker. I was bored over the weekend so I decided to watch Legend of the Seeker (having not done so previously). I turned it off 10 minutes into the first episode. Why? You might ask. Well because they used far too much creative liberty.

Book Version|

1. Richard is best friends with Zedd (Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander) who has been watching over him all his life.
2. Richard becomes fast friends with Kahlan.
3. Richard’s father is already dead at the beginning of the book.
4. Kahlan encounteres Richard on the road where he helps her slay a quad following her.
5. Richard’s brother Michael, meets Richard and Kahlan.

TV Version|

1. Richard has never even met Zedd, and is urged by his father to seek Zedd out.
2. Kahlan rejects Richard’s frienship and threatens to kill him.
3. Richard’s father is alive and well, and later when he is killed Richard is blamed for his death.
4. Kahlan encounters richard on the road where he helps to slay a quad pursuing her, but instead threatens his life and chases him off.
5. Michael does not meet Kahlan and later blames Richard for their father’s death.

This was the incontinuity with the book in the first 10-15 minutes of the show. I could not abide watching. Now, had I watched Legend of the Seeker before reading the books I may not have minded as much, but as they say “Ignorance is Bliss”. I understand the desire to tell a story, or even your own rendition of a story, but please PLEASE do not butcher a book to make into a television show if you are going to change the basic elements that created the story in the first place.

I realize the things above might seem trivial at first, but they come into play later in the book and play out in different manners that lends specific importance to the events. In removing these foundations, or turning them on their heads, you’ve upset the flow of the story. Things to consider if I become a widely known author and have a movie or TV deal thrown at me. Until next time folks.

Your friendly neighborhood author,

DJ Morand

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  1. The same thing happened with the Maze Runner and I was fuming. The filmmakers gave the excuse that some things from the book would not translate well into the screen so they did away with 50% of the book. If you’ve read it you’ll know what I’m talking about. The book and the film are worlds apart.


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