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So being a writer often has a bit of a imaginative side, obviously. However, that side often conflicts with my ability to remember things clearly. Many authors, especially novelists, have an Author’s Bible, this the conglomeration of notes and ideas and things said about their setting or story. In my author’s bible I like to include things like maps and star charts, sometimes I even make my own. Feast your eyes below for my meager/amateur star maps for the Centauri One universe setting:


Centauri One Universe - ExpansionWars

Centauri One Universe - Earth Empire Era

The colored dots represent entire star systems under the name of the star listed next to it. The lines represent the distance in parsecs. The first ring around our solar system is the equivalent of 1 parsec, give or take. The second ring is closer to 4 or 5 parsecs, out to the furthest distance being somewhere around 12-20 parsecs.

The smaller text beneath lists the controlling interest of that system, but does not however account for smaller factions within each system.

So for instance where you see Vega in the first image, it is controlled by the Earth Royal Alliance, whereas the third image it shows Earth Empire. This shows the change from the ERA to the EE over time. Or we can investigate Alpha Centauri where it was originally controlled by the Sterlin Empire, then eventually was taken over by the Earth Empire.

The time lines are listed above in the upper left corner of the charts and a brief description of the era is listed. If there is enough interest I will start a timeline sort of deal and explain the change/growth of this system over time. Until next time.

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DJ Morand

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