Being sick is terrible …

So just to put it out there, being sick sucks. It keeps you from working and from doing the things you love. Personally, I love reading, writing, and getting out, just to take a road trip or go to a duck pond. When I’m sick I can’t do much besides lay on the couch catching up on all the TV shows I haven’t bothered to watch because I am busy doing other things. To top it off I am usually so out of it that I won’t even remember what I watched. So often I’ll watch reruns because I’m not paying much attention anyway.

This weekend (and Monday and Tuesday) I watched the entirety of Supernatural Season 9, which I had not seen. Then I went back and started watching old Doctor Who episodes, this partly because I am excited for the Doctor Who Series 9 starting up again this September 19th, and partly because I’ve seen them so much I knew I wouldn’t forget what I had seen.

It was not until my drive into work this morning that my creative muse jumped back in the passenger seat with me. It was as if she was afraid I might be catching. Muses are funny that way. When you are feeling your worst they’re often hanging out in the back of your mind content to remain silent until you’re feeling better. Now that may not be entirely true as some muses only show up when you’re miserable, hence the stereotype of drunks with writing problems. Personally though, my muse as fantastical as she is, prefers I am sober and in a working mindset before she will grace me with her presence.

So, even though I am not feeling 100%, that is to say my throat feels like the desert looks, my stomach is certainly a maelstrom, and my head still feels like there is a train passing directly behind my eyes, I am once again feeling well enough to write. Which begs the question, how bad did I feel this weekend that I did not feel at all like typing? HA! I’ll no go into detail but lets say that I prefered the dark, wrapped in a blanket despite the 100+ degree weather here in Arizona.

So now that I have bitched my way through a blog post I think I’ll actually get to some serious writing. I haven’t a real deadline, but my tentative one says I should have Centauri One finished by the end of November, we’ll see. It is entirely likely that I will finish it by November 30th, but it is also highly probable it will be sometime around the end/beginning of the year. I will have to play it by ear, or by fignertip. Thank you for hearing me out today, I really hate being sick and sometimes one feels the need to complain about it. Until next time.