Overcoming that Emotion …

Overcoming that Emotion …

So I came to a realization that I talked about writing and depression, but I didn’t talk about how to overcome that emotion. So just for fun, here is what I am listening to as I write this blog.

calmsite This site, calm.com, has numerous images like this, more like video or gifs that play along side sound. As you can probably imagine this is the sound of the beach.
This site, rainymood.com, is probably one of my favorite sites on the internet. It is the sound of rain, because as the site says, rain makes everything better. rainymood


Brushfire Fairytales by Jack Johnson (the album fyi)


This, for me, creates that campire type mood that makes you want to sway side to side and sing koombai yah (sp?). Another song that really helps my mood is by Pharrell it is called Happy. There is just some goofy nerd inside me that rejoices when it hears this song. I have to dance, trust me I am not built to be a dancer.

The key is to understand that no emotion is so powerful that you cannot capture it and turn it. I know, easier said than done. Capturing a thought is like trying to catch air in your hands, but what if you didn’t use your hands? Instead you used your mouth? Your nose? The point is, capturing a thought is not so easy as when you have the write (pun intended) tools. So I have a tendency to find what helps me to fake being happy, then that leads to pretending to being happy, to actually being happy.

There is no emotion, there is only peace. Okay, okay, Nerd Alert I get it. No more Star Wars video game quotes, I promise. However, there is a truth to this statement, the Jedi knows. If you can capture emotion, you can find peace. What do you do to relax and clear out the bad thoughts? Let me know. Until next time, which I assure you will probably, most likely, almost definitely, not be today.

Your friendly neighborhood author,

DJ Morand