Good Morning, or afternoon, or evening, or whenever you may be reading this. How are you? I am well, thank you. So, greetings aside I have been struggling with this writing schedule thing. I know I need to get down, get writing, and get going, but somehow it eludes me. I tried to determine what my issue was, and again it eluded me. So instead of writing, for the sake of writing, which does sometimes work, I decided to read instead.

I have been reading two extremely helpful books:

Might I say these two books are a well of information, ideas, and tips. Not to mention they are also very encouraging and carry little condescension, like some other books on writing I have read. In Plot & Structure I gathered the idea to create daily word count goals, then I expanded this idea and came up with creating a Google Sheets spreadsheet with some self-made calendars to track my daily, weekly, and monthly goals while still tracking my overall percent to completion, etc. See the screenshot below:

Word Counts

This allows me to enter a word count for the day and it will calculate everything I need on the right. Words Remaining to Write, Percent to Goal, Daily Word Count Goal, Weekly Word Count Goal, and Current Word Count. What is really nice is that the Daily and Weekly goals will adjust based on how many words I write in a given day/week. For instance right now I have about 5200 words, give or a take a few, so my daily goal to finish by the end of November is 1,238, however that goal can vary if I write more, or write less.

I cannot take credit for the idea, as I said I took it from Plot & Structure and expanded it from my experience last April in NaNoWriMo. I plan on doing NaNoWriMo in November this year, so I plan to have around 100,000 words by November 1st. If I do or don’t, is not really the case, it is moreso that I have a goal to attain, which is easier for me than say, sticking to a rigid schedule (even if it is one I set for myself). I would like to note, however, that it is Monday, and this is a blog post. *insert cheesy grin here* Until next time folks.



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    • Thanks. It is pretty easy to create (if you use Excel every day at work, lol). Most of the hard parts are making the equations work. I just hope it works as well as a motivator as I think it will. I can already say that the 4% completion is staring at me with a wicked grin saying “You can’t do it!” which basically incites my ire against it.

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