Centauri One …

With the completion of my first novel and beginning the nitty gritty of the editing process (grammar hammer!) I found I needed a new project. I’ve been bouncing around ideas hither and tither, but nothing was really sticking for me. I tried to write the sequel to Kodiak – Atlas – but it didn’t feel like the “write” time. So I began world building for a novel I am calling Centauri One, that fizzled out during my vacation in July and I’ve been struggling to get back into the swing of writing for about two weeks.

The beginning of August led me to a good place and I made a schedule, I failed the first couple of days at following that schedule, but I am on track now. I managed to write around 1,250 words yesterday, which incidentally is the exact amount I need per day to reach my goal of 100,000 words before November 1st. In November I am going to use Nanowrimo to finish the last 50,000 words for the novel. Then after revisions and edits I am hoping to have a novel around 110,000 to 130,000 words. Centauri One is planned as a stand alone novel.

So enough about what I am planning, how about what I have done already? Below you will find the current cast of characters for Centauri One, note that I include the starships as characters because honestly they have a personality and quirks all their own:

Basilisk (starship)
Centauri One (starship)

Captain Ajax Finn
Commander Gaul Duric
1st Officer Urex Torol
STAC (Sentient Terminal Access Computer – pronounced Stacy)
Corporal Sajoy Mal
Quartermaster Vex Erebus
Corporal Calien Vestro
Baxter Wren Songyoo – Heir Apparent to Songyoo Industries

The book itself will follow Pirate Captain, Ajax Finn and his crew as well as former Detective for the Earth Empire Police, Commander Gaul Duric. The setting begins on the planet Canisia in the Procyon System. Canisia orbits Procyon A, a main sequence star, but also has a dwarf star, Procyon B. Barely in the habitable zone the planet is mostly toxic to humans. A brief synopsis can be found below:

A notorious pirate.

A disgraced detective.

An experimental starship.

On the only (semi)habitable planet in the Procyon system, legendary pirate, Ajax Finn, and former detective, Gaul Duric, race to the wreckage of a Mariner class star cruiser – Centauri One; but what made the ship crash in the first place?

Both, Commander and Captain, want the secrets of Centauri One, without letting the other take them. Commander Duric must convince Captain Finn he is not a threat, while at the same time keeping one step ahead of the notorious pirate; but what they find aboard the cruiser transcends them both and will forever alter the course of history.

Let me know what you think, comment below. Also, yes it has also become apparent to me that I cannot limit myself to a single post on Mondays (or Tuesday, if this week is any indication), I write when I am inspired. So Mondays will be the official release of new content and inspiration shall guide me otherwise. Until next time.


Your friendly neighborhood author,


DJ Morand