Monday Blog Post …

It’s Monday! Yes, that means it is time for another addition to my blog. Oh wait, it is Tuesday, yeah I know. I said I was going to put in a blog on Mondays, got that schedule all set up and ready to go. I also was going to write every night, yeah that busted too.

So, why did all this bust? Because I am notoriously prone to distraction. At one point in life I figured it was due to my own laziness, but I am not really that lazy. I am always trying to do something, be somewhere, or creating something. If anything, I am over active. So I did not really follow my schedule. I wrote, but not every night, I am writing a blog, but not on Monday. Should I then chalk this up as a failure? I think not, there is something to be learned about myself in this, I think.

I am a rebel, I like to break the rules, or at least bend them. There is some sort of satisfaction in sticking it to the man; even when I am the man, ha! Some would call this self-sabotage. I am not really sure that is the case. I really have every intention of sticking to my schedule and I do not really feel the need to rebel against it. However, some part of my being balks at the thought of too much structure. This part of my rebel brain says, “A schedule!? What are we going to do with that!? You’re just setting yourself up to fail buddy! So, instead of following the schedule and failing miserably why don’t we just skip it all instead?”

Of course I have a great tendency to listen to this inner rebel, it was not until recently that I realized that Mr. M.Y. Rebel and Mr W.R. Itersblock are good friends. They work in unison to ensure my great works of art remain thoughts instead of written literary fiction. So, I am undertaking a great task. I will never completely control my rebellious nature, as I believe it is a part of my unique self and should not be squashed, but I need to reign it in. My writing, my life, my work ethic, they all suffer when my M.R. Ebel is in control. So, while my inner self balks at having a schedule, I am going to stick to it. After today of course, seeing as this post is already late. Well, until next time.


Your friendly neighborhood author,


DJ Morand