Holy Moly Frijoles …

Wow, I am so sorry! I’ve been away for far too long and my writing has suffered too. So quick recap on where I have been. If you remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned things would slow down as I had a week long vacation and my daughter visiting for a couple of weeks. Well, things sure slowed down! Wow, I mean really slow.

I haven’t posted a blog, as you know. Then I have maybe written a thousand words in the past two weeks, yikes!!! As a writer that is like anathema to creativity. I have been fighting the fight to get published, however the more I look at the online research and the ‘preferred’ novel length for Science Fiction, I am not 100% certain Kodiak (yes I changed the title back) is going to find a home in mainstream publishing. I am certainly not going to stop writing, but I think the Infinity Verge (Abel Cain) series might be on hold for a while. Just to clarify I am not giving up, but rather taking a step back from this series and letting it cool a bit so I can revisit it, which means I’ll likely come back in a few months and start another revision (of the book and the query letter).

So, I broke off into a tangent there; what have I been doing? Well, I have been hanging out with my daughter and playing far too much Minecraft. Insane how fun it is once you realize it is just Virtual LEGOs. The game has driven me to madness, even broken my resolve not to buy additional hardware for my Xbox 360 (I bought a hard drive for it a couple days ago). Besides Minecraft I have been swimming away, if I didn’t know better I’d say my daughter is part dolphin (maybe she is). My awesome family, Mom, Dad, Sister, and nieces visited last weekend. We did a flashlight tour of the Desert Botanical Gardens here in Phoenix, let me tell you that was just plain sick (in the amazing sense).  There is something about the landscape at night that just brings out an entirely different experience.

Last weekend, too, I had my first taste of Indian Frybread (Native American?) it is a sin to have something so delicious. Finally, to top off the weekend we saw Ant-Man. I know critics blasted it pretty hard and I would agree it is not on the same level as Guardians of the Galaxy, but it was a pretty darn amazing movie. I enjoyed it thoroughly and Paul Rudd as Ant-Man did an excellent job.

So, you might ask, what I am going to do from here? I think I am going to read, I am going to really brush up on my Science Fiction, Space Operas to be precise. I want to get a better feel for the genres overall and really get a feel for how a Space Opera is written. I am starting with The Expanse series, which I hear is being made into a SciFi (Syfy) series this December. Unlike Game of Thrones I think I want to read a book before seeing the show, be on the in-crowd as it were. Someone remind me that we also need to have a talk about SciFi changing their network to Syfy, I have quite a bit to say on that matter. After I read (while I read, who am I kidding?), I am going to write my next science fiction novel, Centauri One. I don’t want to do a series I want to write this one and finish it. More on that later. Well that is all for now folks, until next time.


Your friendly neighborhood author,


DJ Morand

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