Phone Grievances …

I dislike telephones; that is putting it mildly. If I were entirely honest I would tell you I rank telephones (cellphones too) with medieval torture devices. However, I love communication; I just prefer to do it face to face. If I cannot talk to someone face to face, I prefer to email or text. My reasoning behind this is sound, I think. In real life, I have a sort of mental stutter (with some words an actual stutter); just try to get me to say statistics (in my mind that was STA TIS TICS). So, back to what I was just saying, my reasons for disliking the telephone are sound, no pun intended.

1. The phone is disruptive
Whether I am sleeping or simply sitting down to write, the phone is a looming beast just waiting to pounce. Inevitably, no matter what activity I wish to undertake, the phone will ring. It is a distraction that I would prefer not to have to deal with.

2. Phone voices are not real
Yes, I know it sounds funny, but in truth I cannot stand when I speak to someone on the phone and they sound one way, but when I speak to them in person they sound another. I have decided that phone voices are just machines pretending to be people.

3. Movie Ruiners
You’ve seen the NTDM adverts when at the movie theaters and I am sure someone has ruined your movie experience with a phone call or a bright light. I have told people to put away their phone before, yes perfect strangers. Movies are serious business and ruining it with a bright phone light or a call is just rude.

So yeah I pretty much dislike phones, ironically I work in a support center where I take calls for a large part of my day. That may have something to do with not wanting to take further calls on my free time. Well, thanks for letting me vent about phones today. Until next time.
Your friendly neighborhood author,

DJ Morand

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