Father’s Day

Nearly 13 years ago I became a father. It was not until this time that I realized what being dad really meant. I learned the struggle of staying up with a crying baby, food allergies, trying to get your kid to eat. I learned the value of patience and how much patience my own father had to have with me. Most of all I learned what a parent’s love really is. Today I reflect on that as I am unable to spend the day with my daughter, or my father. Both are still alive and well, circumstances prevent though, but I digress. I reflect on what it means to be a father as my best friend has his first father’s day, as my brother has his first, as my sister celebrates with her husband, and as my dad has his day.

What does it mean to be a father? It means to love unconditionally, but not to let your child go undisciplined. It means to be the strong one when your children rebel. It means sometimes you have to have a little tough love, but it also means your life is forever changed. I am proud and happy to be a father today, but more than that I am happy to have my dad. TK you are loved and respected beyond measure, thank you for all you have done; tough love and all.





Your friendly neighborhood author,


DJ Morand


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