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So I am pretty terrible at writing a blurb, I have to be honest I always just a book by its cover. Allow me to explain. The first thing I see when I look for a new book is the cover art. I am not sure if I will even pick it up if I think the art looks cheap or just dumb. Here are some extreme examples. There may be an excellent gem of work beneath these horrid cover arts, but I will never know unless someone recommends them (someone whose taste I trust mind you).

This isn’t because I am some sort of snob when it comes to reading (okay maybe a bit), but rather because I am distracted and put off by the cover each time I read the book. I’ve had a couple of books whose covers were horrendous, I eventually took the dust covers off just to enjoy reading them. So, not to get off on a tangent, but the covers and the blurb. I almost never read the blurb, I want all the mystery to happen in the reading of the book. So while I may be able to write well I am terrible at being concise. So the point of this post is to see what people think of the blurb I have written for Kodiak. So be honest (not hateful, but honest) and let me know where I can improve, or what I might omit. Here goes:

The EXOs, organic machines, cause trouble wherever they go hell bent on universal domination. Lucky for him, Abel Cain has put some distance between him and this threat. Abel Cain just wants to be left alone. He’s had as much as he can take of humanity and aliens. Aboard his gunship, the Kodiak, Cain has escaped to the edge of Dark Space. His only other friend is his co-pilot Zee. Cain is all too happy to remain in relative seclusion, until his world is turned upside down by the arrival of Echo Shade. When Shade, a pilot for the Exodus Fleet Naval Force, tries to arrest Cain he is drawn into a system at war.

The EXOs have been freed and it is up to Cain to imprison them … again. Indignant and rebellious Abel struggles with his own nature and the desire to do what’s right. Will he follow Shade and help the EFNF eliminate the EXO threat? Or will he decide that self-preservation is a higher priority?


Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments below. Until next time.


ps. Sorry for the double post today, had to throw this one out there!


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DJ Morand

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    • I hadn’t. I am new to all this trying to get published stuff. I’ve been writing for years, but haven’t ever really tried to get published until now. Thanks for sharing!

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