Doing something write …

So last night I sat at my computer, taking a break from writing and playing some video games. The wife was surfing the net and came across a funny “Couples who are doing it right” type of post. There were nerf fights, secret rendezvous’, and a number of other romantic, cheesy, and funny posts. We laughed and we smiled at how we do similar things.

Cut to today … I am at work – technical support until I can sell that first, second, third, fourth … books – and I am having a downright terrible day. No customer is happy, the resource person for one of the products is out sick and we have no hard set procedure to follow, phones are ringing off the hook and I am thinking all the while, I just want to write today! I managed to get a few hundred words in on my Legends of Vandor series, but no where near what I wanted to write today. Tired, on a diet, feeling HANGRY and just all around ready for some meaningless slaughter. Then I opened my computer and I see this:

Read it ALL the way. Don’t worry; it’s a good turning point …

Dear Love,

There’s a turning point in a marriage, I believe. There’s a place where you’ve been through enough shit together, suffered enough trials together, and persevered through it all. It’s far past that point in time where “for better or for worse” is no longer a few words that were part of your vows, but have become a standard for living and a banner in your household. We’ve seen better, and we’ve seen worse. Sometimes, it’s shaken us, but it hasn’t broken our resolve. And, somewhere beyond that place of stout resolution, a marriage changes.

You see…. On the day I married you, I never would have believed someone if they had told me that someday I would love you even more than the moment we said, “I do.” I wouldn’t have been able to understand that the amount of respect I had for you would change either. Before you get married, everyone warns you about growing out of love, or becoming disdainful of your spouse. But, they forget to mention the better. The place where your relationship goes through a metamorphosis right under your nose without you ever realizing that it’s happened.

This morning as I watched you walk out to your car, and turned to lock the door I came to the sudden realization that our marriage has changed. We’re not that same young, spry couple. (To be honest, I’m glad that we’re not). We’ve aged, and become more mature, responsible adults. But, we’ve traded it in for something much more special and unique. From my point of view, at least, it’s truly transformed. While that whimsical, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you love,” is still there, it’s now accompanied by a deep and profound respect and admiration for you.

I probably don’t say it enough, or show it adequately nearly often enough, but I love, respect, and admire you in a much deeper way than I ever knew was possible. There is nobody else on this earth that I’d rather share my better, or my worse with.

Today I learned… Our something special is far more unique than I ever knew could be possible.

I love you, DJ Morand. With all of my heart and every breath, I love you. From the deepest place inside me, I respect you. I’m so proud of you for everything you’re working towards right now! Don’t give up, baby. I’m here in your corner – rooting for you excitedly. You are an amazing person.


Love Always,



My wife honestly is the best. This just pulled all that rage and fire out of me and had me stopping to think … yeah, she’s right! This jump started my motivation and I wrote another seven hundred words for a grand total of 1,052 today. The story itself, which I wonder if it will be more than a novelette, is at about 8,000 words at present and no where near an end. So, sending out love and honor and respect to my wife today. She is my muse.


Your friendly neighborhood author,


DJ Morand