So, I just posted a blog as an introduction, I hope I am not moving too quickly. Who am I kidding, I needed to write more about my book Kodiak. So below you will find the synopsis, then an actual excerpt from the novel.

Lost in a system not their own, humanity survives against the EXOs with the help of the alien Quintarrans. The EXOs, organic machines bent on galactic domination, kill or convert every being they encounter. All hopes are pinned on the mission given to Echo Shade, to find a way to contact home, Earth.

On the outer fringe of charted space, Abel Cain just wants to be left alone. Devoid of trust for the rest of humanity he makes his life as a bandit in the dark space between planets; that is until, Echo Shade seeks him out. Now, Cain and his co-pilot Zee, are drawn into events they are unprepared for. Abel Cain must examine his vow of solitude and struggle with the hope for redemption. Aboard the stolen gunship, Kodiak, Cain contends with his rebellious nature while acting on his own instinctual goodness.

Meanwhile, Alek Vale, the EXO Prime, has freed himself from his prison; leading the EXOs on a mission to capture Cain and the Kodiak. The EXO Prime finds that his quarry is elusive, as well as resourceful. In conflict after conflict, Alek pits his minions against Cain and his allies. Abel must find a way to escape the EXO Prime and get Echo safely back to Quintar IV, before he starts to care too much.

Honest opinions are welcome, if you like the above synopsis I’d love to hear what you loved about it, if you hated I implore you to please tell me what was bad about it and where I can improve it. Below is an excerpt from the prologue of Kodiak:

Dark Space – Outside the Quintar Prime System

Independent URSA GS-I Starship – Kodiak

Year 2972: 1st Cycle, Week 41: 09:57 hours


The voice filtering through the communications system was garbled and difficult to understand. If not for the Transteel view screen, the words would have been lost completely. Transteel, as it was termed, is a transparent metal alloy allowing the viewer to see through it; additionally, it granted the ship’s systems the ability to display readings and other output directly into the view. Transteel did away with the need for a display on an individual crew station. The words splayed across the view screen and the voice over replayed, allowing Captain Cain and his co-pilot, Zee, to make sense of the message.

“Prepare to be boarded. You have committed acts against the Exodus Fleet Naval Force, by order of the Admiral you are ordered to stand down and surrender the stolen URSA GS-I vessel, call-sign Kodiak.” The communications system could not, however, hide the authoritative tone of the pilot of the RAVEN F vessel. The ship followed close behind in Dark Space, near the edge of the Quintar Prime System. Captain Cain, admittedly, had stolen the URSA vessel, but it was his; the Kodiak was his pride and joy and he had been flying her for near twenty years now, he was not about to surrender the vessel.

“Flak it. Damn EFNF pilots,” he pronounced it F and F, “you would think the Admiral would have given up by now, the man has to be near seventy years old. Probably a flakking husk by now.” Cain spoke to his partner in crime, the tall quintarran co-pilot known as Zee. The Quintarrans were a race of people native to the Quintar Prime system. They had been enslaved for generations to an insane Artificial Intelligence known only as the AI; until Abel Cain had broken that control.

“A husk?” Zee asked seemingly occupied, but attentive enough to realize he was hearing a new word. The quintarran was always eager to learn more of the human language and colloquialisms. He had an odd fascination with knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

“Human term Zee, basically means their nanites are dead, gone, or they never had them; a husk. In any case, after I helped contain the nanites I figured this nonsense about crimes and betrayals would have been forgotten.” Cain explained the terminology and then broke into a tirade again. Zee did not seem to care, other than filing the word away for use later. He had already adopted the term exed; a human term indicating someone converted into an EXO or dying violently. He had also added flak and its many forms; though he was less fond of the alpha curse; as Cain had described it.

If you guys like this or hate it let me know in the comments. I am already querying agents so hopefully we’ll see this in eBook or published format soon!


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DJ Morand

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